Of Mortals

Of Mortals (2014)

1. Of Mortals (12:45)

The early release track for the Synnonia trilogy.



Thaddaeus produces psychological works using sound to examine mental conditions. A way to bring out the most haunted aspects of the human mind; a surfacing of the id. It is of great interest to express these dark thoughts, sounds and processes of the mind in their purest musical forms. This allows for all influences (as all music represents aspects of the mind) to be combined into genre-bending works. The most prevalent piece in this style is Forsaken, on The Aeneid. It’s a direct correlation between music, the throes of depression and the inevitable downfall that ensues.

The music can move from atmospheric synths, slow piano nocturnes to funeral doom dirges; the whole point of the music is to express psychogenic pain to the listener. Often, bands will do this using a “wall of sound” or a continuous flow of slow, depressing melodies; Thaddaeus however, chooses to embrace styles that aren’t entirely depressing on their own but are made more effective using contextual embedding. The music can be reminiscent of doom bands Shape of Despair, Void of Silence or Pantheist and also composers such as Bela Bartok, Jean Sibelius, and Dmitri Shostakovich.

To put it simply, Thaddaeus tells stories of human’s failures to come to terms with their own selves. The songs are long, convoluted and often linked with each other in complex ways. It’s atmospheric funeral doom.

The Aeneid

The Aeneid (2012)

1. In The Autumn (11:58)
2. Rain Song (24:46)
3. Forsaken (Taciturn) (28:23)
4. The Aeneid (13:43)

The first Thaddaeus album to use libretto, romantic harmony and 20th century classical composition techniques. It tells the story of a protagonist exiled from society and driven mad through her endless isolation.

The Gate

The Gate (2007)

1. The Gate (17:21)
2. Queen of the Night (15:24)

The Gate was the first official song performed by Thaddaeus, along with I Had Hoped (which has since been rearranged into the entire album Sigh). The album is two songs of warriors marching to their doom.